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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is simple: we will not sell, rent, distribute or otherwise deal in your private information (in this context, your email address) without your express consent.

You will not receive any unsolicited email from us, or from anyone else, as a result of providing us with your details.

If you give us permission, we may send you emails:

  1. To tell you when your recording has been approved, or
  2. To give you news about the project, or other projects that we are involved in.

Other than that, we won't bother you. We promise!


By submitting a recording to our server, and in consideration for having your recording placed in the database, you:

  1. warrant that you created the recording by yourself and it is of your voice,
  2. assign DataLava Pty Ltd all intellectual property rights over the recording, its contents and associated data,
  3. hold DataLava Pty Ltd harmless and provide an indemnity against any claim or demand in relation to the recording should it be discovered that a third party has a claim over the recording.

You agree that no fee is payable by DataLava Pty Ltd, to you, in relation to any data (including the recording) that you have submitted. We are free to use, distribute or otherwise deal in the data (except your email address) without any payment or further consideration.

Your email address will not be used for any purpose other than in accordance with our privacy policy (below).

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